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9. How the requested permissions are used

1. Read phone state and identity.

Used by sound alarm.
When sound alarm goes off, Orange Diary checks whether the user is currently talking through the phone. If so, it sends quiet alarm sound to the earpiece instead of the speaker.

* We use only small portion of the permission and doesn't access the identity information.

2. Record audio

Used by internal voice recorder

3. Modify or delete the contents of your SD card

Used by backup, export module
Without this permission, Orange Diary cannot save the data to SD card.

4. Disable screen lock

Used by sound alarm.
When Orange Diary's sound alarm goes off, it temporarily unlock the phone and run the Alarm dialog screen. Without this permission, Alarm screen cannot be displayed.

5. Full network access

Used by "Import from Google Docs" screen. 
In order to connect to Google spreadsheet and fetch the spreadsheet contents, Orange Diary need this permission

6. Run at startup

Used by alarm module
By the Android program requirement, scheduled alarm/notificaiton need to be re-schedule as soon as phone re-starts

7. Control vibration

Used by Notification 
When status bar notification is triggered, it comes with little bit of phone vibration

8. Install shortcut

Used when user want to create Home screen shortcut for entries and folders