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3. How to restore your entries after factory reset or phone crash

Before we go to recovery procedure, I'd like to remind the importance of backup. 

In Orange Diary, there are two ways backup the database, (1) Auto-Backup and (2) Auto-Export.
While Auto-Backup saves entire database image regularly in scheduled interval, Auto-Export exports the individual entries anytime the entries are created and changed.  Both backup features has its own strength and weakness. Therefore we suggest our users to enable both features. 

All Orange Diary's backup and export data is stored in SD card. Please make sure you have the SD card mounted before we start following testing.


Step 1) Go to Orange Diary main screen > MENU > Settings > Backup & Restore > Backup & Restore
Now you see all your backup files in SD card.

Step 2) Press on the latest backup, then you will see "Restore data" option in Context menu.

Step 3) Select "Restore data". It will start database restore process.


Step 4) Go to Orange Diary main screen > MENU > Settings > Import & Export > Auto Export (Beta)

Step 5) At the bottom of the screen there's "Browse exported files" button. Press it. Then you will see the list of exported files.
(IMPORTANT! At this step, don't touch the ON-OFF button in the Auto-Export screen. If you touch this it will re-initialize auto-export and can wipe out previously exported files )

Step 6) Select any of the files. then you will see the file content and "Import" button in the pop-up window.


Our last hope is some files in "/OrangeDiaryPro/export" folder.  These files are generated whenever you export Orange Diary data through email or Google Docs

For this
Step 7) Go to Orange Diary main screen > MENU > Settings > Import & Export > Import from SD card (CSV)

Step 8) Go to folder "OrangeDiaryPro" > "export"

Step 9) There you may be able to see some files. since this is CSV import screen, you can import only the CSV extention files.

If you have any problem or question, please feel free to email us. We takes user data related problems very seriously and process in the highest priority.