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2. How to test internal voice recorder ?

Orange Diary have small internal voice recorder module. However, it uses the standard voice recording app in the device by default and keeps the internal recorder as a backup.

Sometimes, when user finds standard recorder is causing some problem, he can enable internal recorder in "Settings" > "Enable internal recorder". Then following recorder will show-up instead of the system default.

This is a procedure to test the Orange Diary's internal voice recorder. 

Step 0) Go to Orange Diary main screen > MENU > Settings and check "Enable internal recorder" option.

Step 1) Go to Orange Diary main screen and press "New" button

Step 2) Press "Voice recording" option

Step 3) Press the "circle" button to record.
Now, you see the time ticking...

Step 4) Press "square" button to stop recording.
Then "Use this recording" and "Discard"button appears

Step 5) Press "Use this recording" button.
The you will come back to Orange Diary and see the second attached image.

After completing all the steps, check "/OrangeDiaryPro/voice" folder in SD card.  This is the place where all the Orange Diary recording is stored and file name has the created time in yyMMdd_hhmmss format. You should be able to find new recording there