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3. Understanding auto-backup log

Sometimes, you see following message in auto-backup log file. 

10/25 16:15 RCV: Job Request: SYSTEM_REBOOT
10/25 16:15 RCV: Auto-backup disabled: No job. 

10/26 08:37 RCV: Job Request: SYSTEM_REBOOT
10/26 08:37 RCV: Auto-backup disabled: No job.

It means

"Device is now rebooted and I am checking whether Auto-backup is enabled."
"I found Auto-backup is disabled. I will not trigger backup job."

Auto-backup background service job is triggered in two situations. 
1) At scheduled time, based on the backup schedule interval
2) When phone is rebooted.

In both case, Orange Diary checks whether the Check box for "Enable Auto-backup" setting is marked. 

If it's marked, the backup service will create the database image in SD card. 
If not, the backup service will stop with "No backup" message in backup log.

If you see above message in log, please mark the Enable Auto-backup option and schedule the time interval. Then, you will see the backup files are automatically created.