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3. What is online backup and photo sync?

Online backup and photo sync is an additional backup feature designed to send backup and images files to Online storage in Dropbox. 

If you go to Orange Diary main screen > MENU > Settings > Backup & Restore > Auto-backup, you will see Online backup options. 

There you can see following online backup options.

1. Don't send to online
No online backup. Your backup files will be saved only in your phone's SD card and not go to online storage.

2. Send to Dropbox (Text only)
This option will send only the text portion of your entries to online storage. All the attached multimedia contents are still in SD cards. If you loose your phone, you will be able to restore your entry text using the backups in Dropbox online. However, attached multimedia will be gone with your phone. 

3. Send to Dropxbox (Text+Photo)
This option will send (1) the text portion of your entries and (2) images in "/OrangeDiaryPro/photo" folder to online storage. If you go to your Dropbox storage, you will see two folders, (1) "/OrangeDiaryPro/backup" for text portion of your entry and (2) "/OrangeDiaryPro/photo" for image sync.  With this option, you will be able to recover your entry text and attached photos even in case you loose your phone.  However, if you have a lot of photo attachments,  it will use significant amount of data. If you have limited data plan, please use this with caution.