Release note

We release update every two months. If you want any features included in new update, please send us email. We review any requested features with power users. The priority is determined by the popularity of the request and difficulty of implementation. Thanks :)

. Fixed storage access permission bug for Android Marshmallow

. Fix program bug in startup module
. Fix bug in License check screen
. Fix bug in main screen disloag

. Source code migration for Marshmallow

. Fixed bug in backup scheduler

. Fixed program bug in backup scheduler
. Fixed bug in Blogger and Google Drive export

. Fixed bug in Simple task list display option
. Fixed bug for backup notification pop-up

. Fixed Google Drive Upload problem 400 error.
(If you still see problem, re-signin to Google)
. Fixed some translation problem

. Fixed bug in Advertisement banner display
. Added option to disable swipe gesture for prev,next entry

. Added option to change location of shortcut button area
. Fixed bug in alarm screens.

. Fixed bug in screen rotation
. Fixed bug in entry save

. Material Design

. Revised attachment icons
. Fixed bug in entry creation 

. removed new tag display (Sorry for releasing the feature prematurely)

. Changed tag display
. Added home screen shortcut for folder and tag 

. Upgraded backup and restore module
. Upgrade export module
. Added admin tools (please use with caution)

. Fixed bug in Google service integration

. Added update tag, folder context menu in entry of the week screen.

. Upgraded TimePicker dialog
. Bug fix in online restore

. Fixed program bug in backup scheduler

. Upgraded Date and Time picker dialog
. Upgraded backup module (Max. no of backups, Latest database image copy)
. Upgraded Google integration module

. Fixed the force close in multi-select mode

. Added multi-select in task/expense list

. Added multi-select feature for delete, update folder/tag
. Fixed bug in online restore

. Added folder view
. Fixed bug in blogger upload

. Revised the program logic for attached image handling
. Added menu option for shortcut button in main screen

. Added maxline setting option for entry list screens.
. Fixed AVG malware warning.

. Added four new entry shortcut buttons
. Revised entry view screen design
. Fixed sub-filter problem by icon in entries by tag screen. 

. Added feature to import entry icon. 
. Added attachment info in export file
. Added Google Drive upload option in single entry share menu.
. Fixed task and expense list refresh bug
. Fixed text overwrap bug in entry list
. Revised Background color setting screen.
. Fixed Passcode problem for App widget
. Reduce the package file size

. Added entry filter in entry calendar screen
. Redesigned About us and Love us screen.
. Moved all help screens to online.

. Added 4x1 App Widget

. Added re-generate thumbnail option
. Fixed bug in thumnail generation

. Fixed bug in Online backup & restore
. Fixed bug in Multimedia content attachment

. Added Google Drive upload feature
. Bug fix for Jelly Bean.

 . Added add & menu icons in task/expense screen headers
. Revised Blogger export module
. Minor bug fixes and garbage code cleaning

. Revised online backup settings
. Added add & menu icons in screen headers
. Added Twitter export
. Added "Import All" for Auto export file recovery
. Revised attachment file management logic
(All images, audio attachments are locally managed)

. Added Icon filter bar
. Fix bug in simple expense list
. Added "Add" button in tag update dialog
. Fix FC in Image & Video attachment

. Added entry title display in Calendar screen.
. Added list type setting for main screen.
(User can choose either tag or entry list in main screen)
. Added AND or OR option in tag search option.
. Added more weather icons. Added multiple item update feature in expense list
. Bug fixes

. Fixed connection problem for Google Docs / Calendar in ICS
. Design changes - shortcut buttons, Icon picker dialog
. Added enable hyperlink option in Settings

. Added online backup and photo sync feature
. Revised some screen designs.
. Added more data transfer related documentations
. Some bug fixes

. Added send option in entry list screen
. Added send option for task and expense list
. Added email send option for attached contents.
. Added Context menu for attachment items.
. Fixed FC in Entry view screen
FC1:v1.26:android.content.ContentResolver$CursorWrapperInner / trying to requery an already closed cursor
. Fixed FC in Import screen / database not open
. Fixed FC in Preference screen in VTAB1008 device

. Added currency customization setting
. Added menu option to duplicate task and expense list
. Change the logic to manage attached images.
(All the attached images are duplicated and locally managed in OrangeDiaryPro/photo folder)
. Revise the backup log module
. Fixed menu icon problem in android 3.0
. Fixed some screen design inconsistency.

. Fixed entry detail display problem in "All entries" screen.
(happens when "No detail" display option is turned on)
. Fixed tag name handling logic for comma
(Comma, "," is not allowed in tag name. it's used as multiple tag indicator)
. Added "Default" button for "Screen appearance" and "Shortcut Button" settings.

. Fixed Entry edit screen tag display problem. Added Autoexp recovery feature
. Added Google Blogger export option
. Added Export default screen
. Revised Data import logic
(can handle multiple tags)

. Added Check/Uncheck all option in Task
. Added entry duplicate menu
. Added option to link icon with tag
. Added Google Docs export option

. Bug fixes
. Fixed FC in thumbnail creation
. Fixed Tag dialog error
. Fixed FC in shortcut button re-ordering

. Revised Alarm screen
. Improve the thumbnail image display. (size, orientation)
. Improve the Google doc import logic.
. Revise import documentations.
. Shortcut button ordering
. Added Expense module
. Bug fix in export screen

Added features
. Advanced search
. Marker selection
. Template
. Default icon for tags

. Changed Application Icon
. Added tag based filter for entry list in main screen
. Added sort option for task item list
. Disabled soft-keyboard auto pop-up in edit screens
. Fixed the bug in image viewer launch
. Fixed internal recorder launch
. Revised all date,time dialogs

. Fixed incorrect display in Entries of the week screen.
For the year end week, the screen calculates wrong date period
. Added option to hide week number in Calendar
. Added option to enable/disable internal sound recorder.

. Fixed FC for Sound Recorder.
. Hide the image in Autoexport folder in Multimedia file scan.
. Added a feature to customize the text color for calendar event
. Revised the layout of theme selection dialog
. Revised the color picker dialog for text color

. Fixed FC, Unknown URL
. Added more themes
. Added feature, Auto-export
. Added Day view option for "Entries of the week"
. Added feature, Import from Google Docs
. Added setting option to customize entry list in main screen.
. Replace gesture based flip to arrow sign based.
. Remove the embedded voice recorder.
. Revised some date format.

. Revised the entry edit screen
. Added a option to change the Main screen title
. Added a option to hide date and time from the list
. Revised the export/send file format
. Revised sample data
. Improved security for database backup files.
. Change the entry list display
. Added a screen to show all entries
. Fixed FC in attachment deletion.

. Fixed FC in FilePickr
. Fixed screen layout problem in HTC small devices.
. Added auto-save feature.
. Added link for pdf and doc files to quickoffice when viewing the attached file.
. Changed the security check logic.
. Added gesture in Entry view screen.
. Added Date and time format customization setting.
. Added data transfer feature from Demo to Pro.