Feature request

These features are the requested ones from many Orange Diary users.
If you have any, please feel free to write us to mSurfLab@gmail.com
We will be more than happy to include yours here.

1. Allow search on more than 1 word when searching from the all notes screen (helpful when using hashtags in the note itself.
2. Google calendar integration
3. Easier way to reverse the sort order after doing a search or in any view (too many "clicks" as it is right now).

Can you add a view mode that have a continuous page to view all the diary. Sort of like facebook.

A REMINDER SETTING would be nice.... One of the reasons I wanted a journal on my phone is I always forget to write in my paper journals. 

The reminder should default to the due date and time. It makes no sense to default to the present time.  Also it would be nice to filter for multiple tags.

Any chance to add multi select to adding photos?

I was wondering if you could make it possible to see the fancy font while your writing

1) more icons should be added, 
2) tasks to have an option of linking to calendars 
3) more fonts

The first is encryption.  The access password is very nice, but encryption would be great, too.  
Second would be unlimited hierarchy within tasks, like some of the Outliner apps out there.  
Third would be a persistent notification to an area of the user's choosing, with access to the entire app from there.

My only suggestions would be a manual sort option and a document word count

add options for contact link, map link

with the icons how about some business orientated ones? Three head-and-shoulders grouped icon for a meeting; three the same but one behind another for a team; a head-and-shoulders plus a phone for a phone conference; phone for a phone call; head-and-shoulders plus camera for a video conference; lightbulb for an idea; that sort of thing.

1. Exporting diary entries to a Excel readable csv-format, was a strong argument for me to use and buy this app. But when importing this csv-file back to Android, the content of the field "odAttach" will not be considered. So working on this file in Excel will result in unlinking attachments in Android.
2. Export for tasks workshop well, but import is not possible.
3. Would be very helpful to determine an own path for export, especially, when working without mounted decrypted directories as with "cryptonite".

1. In addition to deleting an attachment allow to remove an attachment. If a particular attachment is attached to few notes deleting it from one particular note causes the attachment to be gone from all notes.
2. Are there any plans to sync notes to a Windows pc?

I want to use Orange Diary on my PC!

Great app! Just wondering if you could add emoticons so that we could add them while typing. I'd love to include different smiles and more.

-encryption (256bit)
-sync with ownCloud or webdav-accessible groupware
-rich text formating and export.

What I would like to do is search for a particuler time period and forward my journal entries in text form by email.

Is it possible to add a recurring task, for example every week, month or year etc.

Is there a way to sync calendars to get holidays & facebook birthdays?

1) Setting an alert or notification : possibility to set an alert / notification / reminder for an event / note in the local agenda / calendar.
2) Sending the notes to the calendar with all parameters : date and time, localisation, reminder, title/description
3) Other kind of Notes : 
- QR / code bar note : the app calls a third app like "Barcode Scanner+" and add / write / annotate a text 
- Possibility to Grab text from an OCR app ( like ABBYY Text Grabber)
4) Possibility to set local like weather and possibility to insert a map for localisation
5) Draw note : possibility to add a draw note, and with the draw function to be able to annotate a picture or even a Map (showing a path, a direction, and so on)
6) Possibility to protect some notes or kind of notes (private tagged note for example) by password. Actually, it's possible to protect the access to the app with a password (all notes are protected). But I think that some notes must be quickly accessed (directly accessed without password) and other notes must be protected ny password. So if it's possible to selectively protect notes, it'will be great! ==> (tag private)
7) Possibility to set particular colors in order to make difference among the notes
8) Very important : possibility to set the path for the files/ database. I have a external sd card (32 Go) and I think it will be very usefull to set the path for the files / database in order to save memory space.

translucent app widget background

How can i make my own icons or were can i save custom icons? 

. Allow a note to be sent and pinned to the status bar and the orange diary note creator to stick there
. In my todolist ultimate todolist they create a link like http://edit.todolist.co/257. And it allows a link in a calander to the todolist task. I can paste this link into orange diary and link back to the task. What I would like to do however is to create a link in orange diary place it in the task manager to link back from the task to orange diary. Can orange diary generate a link like this? 

some way to group tags into folders. So we could have a folder called 'X' and inside are folders '1' '2' '3' and inside are our tags. (being able to sort tags in any order we like would also be useful, alphabetically, newest-oldest or just drag them in an order of our choosing)

- sometimes the time of notes are displayed strange when using 24h format.
  For example: the time of note, taken in 23 minutes after midnight is displayed 24:23 instead 00:23
- add please possibility to add new tags directly in tag choosing window. It is annoying when i start to write a new note and i need to create new tag to back to tag window, creating a new tag and after that again to start the new note.

if we could add multiple pictures or videos at the same time and not having to do one by one. 

I'm looking for a pop up diary feature which is very useful to track the personal productivity progress in a day. Not everyone feels compelled to open up the note app and write straightaway, unless the phone vibrates at every few hours and presents an empty page for diary-scribbling. The idea borrows from the pomodoro timer where the user is fully aware he/she has to stop working after 25 mins readying for a break. Here's the same, readying to write e.g. Every 2 hours. 

Being able to define the entry display as far as how many lines to see. Right now its all or nothing. I have some entries that are a few pages in length. Would like to see 5 or six lines of each entry. Up to 6 lets say.

1) there seems to be a bug, when being in the week overivew screen and I have selected the right-most day (such as Sunday, Feb. 10th of the week Feb 4th - 10th) and I want to go to the next week, I click on the right-pointing arrow above, BUT instead of going to the next week, the program skips one week and shows me the week of Feb. 18th - 24th.

2) I think it would be great, if swishing left-right-left would move to the next month or the previous month on the calendar overview, INSTEAD of up and down. This is awkward and actually in contradiction to the week overiew, where I am also moving left-right to go back or forth!

3) I have just entered a travel schedule for the next 3 weeks, but when being on the day-by-day view, I only see the coming week, instead of all future entries also!? So I have to go to the week-view to get to those entries, which is not really user-friendly

4) When jumping to the particular date, the month-overview moves to the particular month, the selected date is, but it does not highlight the date, I was jumping to! And since the monthly-overview is difficult to read anyways (date numbers at the bottom of each day-box, instead of on the top, which would be more natural), I am typically lost until I find the date I was jumping to.
So month overview could be made easier to read and dates jumped to, should be highlighted.

I think that reminder should default to the date and time of the entry. I don't use them for that reason. 
It would be nice to be able to filter for icons in calendar view. 
Bug: if you set time 0:00 in an entry it appears in two days in week view, instead of one.

Also is there any way to import, create or convert icons to use in addition to the canned ones you provide?

Only thing I would like to suggest to make this app even better is some king of sorting or folderish thing for the TAGS. for example  you create a folder as "People" and in that folder you can put all the name tags. Or create a folder "dream type" and you can put every tag which defines the dream type : lucid,normal,vivid,nightmare etc. 

would like to password protect the document.

Could you make shourtcut button for "New text entry" for me?

Do you guys have any intentions for adding a voice to text using the standard Android voice integration

Any chance this app will eventually work with Catch.com?

I was wondering if you guys had a google drive backup option in the pipes (not an export option,an online backup option). Dropbox is kind of old hat at this point, and I think that google drive is an excellent new integration option

1. Task List - Swype (keyboard) word suggestion does not appear when i am entering text in entry box. Not sure if you can do anything to improve the integration, but it does take away from typing efficiency (for those who are used to Swype). 
2. Task List - would be great to browse/navigate between lists by swiping left-right instead of using the back button and then having to scroll to find the next task list. i create a task list for each day of the week, and sometimes i have to move a task from say Mon to Tues; it'd be less button-pressing if i could just swipe. 
3. Task List - Along this same workflow, i'd like to directly convert a task list to a journal entry, so i don't have to re-write everything i did each day. right now i export my task lists at the end of each week to a text file, then copy and paste each day's list as a separate journal entry. it would save me lots of time to not have to go outside of the OJ app.

Ability to delete all record(master reset) from within app. 
Paid Web access  to all my entries and Android/Web sync.

could you please make in near future an individual repeat and ringtone  option for the reminder?

Have you considered adding in Settings a method of saving user preferences such as date and time format settings, sort order, etc. This would be helpful in the event that OrangeDiary had to be reinstalled. 

Plz disable or make it oomissionable document-type-select-window which appears when press Add button.
For my device,that doesn't have full-time connection nor camera,they are no use of anything.

I would like to suggest reminder and recurrence on task.

To attach general files (pdf,zip,etc.)

I really need is a 1x1 widget that starts a new text note from a template. This would allow me to quickly add diary entries.  The 4x1 widget is OK, but I don't often use anything other than text entries and the fewer clicks the better.

A feature suggestion would be to add a geo location option

I use orange diary pro everyday using a template.  It would be really great if you could add a shortcut or widget to create a new entry from a preselected template.

I would like to restict the calendar view to one or more tags. Do you plan a feature like that?

I wish there was a simple exit or quit button that would log me out.

a  new quick add a new entry widget.

I miss one thing really bad. And that is a field for location. In my entries I'd like to enter where I currently am

Whenever I attach a file, expense, or tasklist to my entry and post it to blogger, the attachments dont come through

It would be great if we could design our own icon packs!

Please move number-pad in passcode screen to center.
It looks awkward in 5.3 inch Note screen,

I was wondering how it was possible to delete a range of entries at once (such as all entries of 2006)?

Can your "Journal - Orange Diary" do a "deep" global search through multiple files for a text string that might be included in one or more of the files?  I have multiple .txt files in my Dropbox from many years past that I would like to be able to quickly globally search.

When you try to import from Google Docs you get a screen showing you all the entries and you can either select one or all to import. How hard would it be to have a check box next to each entry and have a choice of importing all or selected. Not perfect, but it would help.

the possibility for rich text features (Bold, Italic, Underline, Bulletted/numbered lists)
customisable icons
searching tags with boolean logic
the possibilty to link notes (parent/child relationship, siblings)
grouping of tags (tags - subtags, as in a tree like display)
datestamping for tasks or tasklists: started, completed; status for tasks: 'to initiate', 'active', 'pending', 'complete'

Just have one proposal/feature request: can online backups be divided by month? I export my diary to Google drive, but I might end up with 1000s of lines in the document over the time. Just to keep things tidy.


2. My most needed suggestion would be the ability to group tags in all views. For example I am using a GTD system in your app. It would be great to group all the tags related to GTD under a collapsible tab. I already have a about 200 tags and it is difficult to find the related tags I need when they are sorted alphabetically. Having a grouping system within the app would be a HUGE benefit.

3. Also, smaller attachment icons when viewing a note would be nice

4. Being able to search from anywhere within the app instead of only the home page would also be a great benefit.

5. Lastly having the navigation icons on the right side of the home page auto collapse would be great.

Do you think, there is the possibility to integrate an option to customize the Date shown in the diary-entry?
Actually, there is only shown the Date with one letter of the day, for example "29.04.2012 S". I wish, I could see the day of the week, for example "Friday, 27.04.2012" or "28.04.2012 Saturday".

1. Can we use our own icon other than those in built ones?
2. Can we have multiple icon instead of just one?
3. An option to sort the templates?
4. An option to sort the tags? 

The password setup screen doesn't auto-rotate on landscape mode, which makes very uncomfortable when you're using a external keyboard typewriting your diary. You have to turn your neck when setting a password.
I think a batch deletion function may be useful.

You could put a video memo (like you have your voice memo  and picture memo)
Have a good reoccurence time event.
You should be able to change the color of the calendar, or change the background
You should be able to change the fonts (have script fonts, etc.)

Great product, Would love to see the option to record a live video, similar to the audio option

how do I put text or photos in Dropbox which I have configured.

May I request for Rich Text feature such as bold, italics, and underlining.
This is help to highlight some important or special point in my diary.

Stick note to status bar
Add reminder an attachment in edit mode
tasks and expense in calendar.

Please add a german translation and a posibility to Store a gps location.

would be great if the tag could do suggestion as is in competitor memories rather than only dislaying the list. why: for a long list much more convienent!

Would love option to display the calendar with weeks starting on Monday instead of Sunday.

It'd be nice if you can add a location feature which allow the users to add a location to the diary entry.

How about adding fill in the blank templates - ones where field headings are fixed
Also, search by icon. Last, how about a flag or color coding of tags and/or entrust for priority

I want synchronization with GDocs (not export/import)

It could be GREAT if we can change the icon and name of the app.

Is there any way to import icons or create our own. I came from the palm world and used natura Daynotz and pamlica calendar. Recently the calender has become available for android. (not on the market) with all my familiar icons.

the auto-backup is a functionality that is very helpful.
However I just noticed, that when daily backing-up, the number of backup files quickly increases and requires manual clean-up.
Is there a function, to tell the Diary to either clean older backups or only keep the latest x-numbers?

Do you plan to develop the od's pc client?

Would like to see...
- ability to add end time for entries.
- week/day view

1. Would it be possible to add URL links as part of each entry on a dedicated field ?
2. Also, would really be good to tag location for each entry.
3. Would it be possible to reduce the size of the icon, looks a little big compared to others.

You should make it so that is on a constant reminder loop or the option to it. Because sometimes I may forget to remind me again.

Because of the different uses, I would like to see an option to sort out entries into folders and to be able to set that as a default view. Using tags for this isn't enough since many of my tags apply to different kinds of entries. As an example, I use this app to assist in creative writing and would love to be able to group entries according to series, chapter, character bios, etc. as well as keep that separate from mundane entries such as appointments.

I like to have more weather icons .

it would be even better if you could show Google Calendar entries in the Orange Calendar. ical sync.

I'm seeking for the possibility of setting font size for each memo separately?

I would like to change the back up location, but can't figure out how to do this.
Another 'ideal ' would be to be able to move pictures around on the page though, or to be ableto draw, like you might in a hard copy journal. Illustrate thoughts. Something I do from time to time in the old technology.

When I export my data the image files are not there just the name of the file. Why is this happening and what to do to fix issue?

Any chance of having comic sans font in future update?

Could you please add the possibility to customize the beginning of the week in Orange Diary Week View. I want it to start with Monday instead of Sunday.

1) I need aback theme. My device have amo led and using black background with white or gray text color can improve battery life.
2) Please add encrypted backup to drop box.
3) It would be great if I can add/move voice or video or picture to internal orange diary storage with a encrypted form.

can I have small versions of the icons actually show up in the month view.  The current square with '4' in it doesn't say much other than I have 4 entries on that day.  I'd like to have it show one of each entries' unique icon per day in month view.  If there are duplicates, the icon could show a small sub/super script number to indicate quantity of duplicates.

Not a problem, just a feature request. Would it be possible to add location tagging to diary entries

when attached to my Samsung keyboard accessory, the screen flips between landscape and portrait when going into the menu. Is there some way of preventing the app from rotating?

Can you add function to month view calendar so that it shows the tag or title for each event. At the moment it only shows how many events are added. This would be a huge advantage to see what type of events are coming up over the month

it would be much appreciated if you could make a feature to automatically export all individual entries to google docs as txt files

The only thing keeping me from purchasing it is the lack of a year display when the list of entries is displayed.
I can see Dec 1 (Sat) and Dec 2 (Mon), but no year.  An entry like Dec 1 2011 (Thu) is what I need.  I really need to see the year to be able to select the entry I need to view.
I may have 20 entries that say "Went to Doctor" but I quickly need to find a specific date entry to be able to see notes for the visit.

I'd like to send all my journal entries automatically to Google calendar. Do you support that?
1) For task lists there is an option to check or uncheck all items. Would if be possible to add an option to clean up ths list? In other words, to delete all checked items.
2) Would it be possible to be able to specify the location for backup files? On my Dell Streak 7 mnt/sdcard is internal memory. My SD card is mnt/sdcard2. The way it is now I have to manually copy the backup file to the SD card.

One of the big advantages in the diary function is the possibilty to export the diary content  via a csv-file to a desktop spreadsheet application and also to completely reimport all details from the desktop program.
But I'm using orange diary not only for the main diary function but for short task- and expense lists.
The export function of a task- or expense-list to a csv-file works fine too, but i didn't manage the (re)import (menu entry: Import from SD card (CSV)).
Trying to import the exported file "Task_2011XXXX_XXXXXX.csv" back to the orange diary task list results in an error:
"No entry found, Please make sure the header line is properly marked with "odtitle", "odtime" and "odtag". ...
These header entries can only be found in the diary-export-file.
Could you please implement a import function for the task- and expense -lists too?

need a ringtones to remind me to keep a diary

Needs an option to indicate the number of backups to maintain.

i need special template with multiple fields. you can see the image i give you. the dairy now we can input only one box,but when i need to record what i do or self-examination today,use some questions to ask myself? in one box i think it can't input easily, so i think we can create the template: ask/answer. one ask with one answer. in one diary, we can create no less than 10 ask/answer. and the ask we can set before,so we record it, wo don't need to input again. thanks

1. Is there any way that I can make Orange Diary to create a duplicate, just like when i import pictures, when I import audio and video. It´s so frustrating that my diary attachments disapear when I move my files (with I of course do all the time on a phone) 2) It's a bit annoying that you can't create a new tag i the "new items-mode" You need to save and close your item, go to "tags", create a new tag and then go back to your item and choose the tag.

I would like to see a search by tags to include "And" logic.  Presently the logic is "Or". So if I want to search for only records with Tag A and Tag B I could select Tag A AND Tab B so that only records with both Tags would meet the search criteria and be presented. Presently If I select Tag A and Tag B any records matching tag are selected.

Put an icon on the right side of the screen (like settings, task) for doing backups.
You should not have to go into "Settings" to do a backup.

Can I put an appointment in by time range? Also, can I set an appointment by multiple days without making an individual entry on each day?

I wish the item list can display the full date info: yyyy mm dd instead of mm dd now. I need the year info displaying.

And want a mult-pages list function instead of a single list now.

Make the passcode screen work in landscape mode.

would like to see the date advance arrows switched so the right arrow advances days, also, how about an 'import templates' and 'create journal page' option, where the journal page is a form with set fields to fill in?

is it possible to display photo in diary list? or maybe provide us an option. 

Is there any way to have the year for the list always show in either portrait or landscape mode?

ability to change or add status icon set and to import text directly into the editing screen.

Could we have an option to change the reminder ringtone and have a notification display on the top status bar and perhaps also to have option to cancel the snooze while an alarm is put on snooze? 

a filter function in the calender view would be helpful, filters should be a tag or a search string.

Is there a way to archive or save a group notes by tag selection?

Please add a new feature to enable searching (or filtering) for a tag or whatever AND then dumping the results to a calendar view (and to EXPORT etc). 

Can you insert the possibility to download the web page for save the article or more news

- better search option, now searching for car finds car, Oscar and scared for example
- allow combination of tags, for example tag A and tag B, tag A or tag B, not tag A, maybe other
- allow search in title of an entry only